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By gathering stakeholders and project members a design studio is conducted to kick off large or complex projects. This allows all involved to learn about and experience design ideation with collaboration among four teams. Each consisting of a designer, director, developer and business analyst. When leading design studios I focus mostly on the conversations that are brought forward during critiques or that continue after final presentations, these candid conversations will often turn out far more useful to the project than the sketches. 


Process Mapping

By isolating each component of a process and laying out the interactions occurring, we provide an established starting point to begin dissecting which areas require improvement and which ones might dictate constraints for any improvements. 




The fundamental way of creating lo-fi concepts of early ideas or redesigns. By sketching with basic components you can focus on structure and purpose without any influences such as color or animations.  Whether its on paper or a white board wireframing early is key. They provide a low risk in that it is quickly created and easily understood. The added benefit is that most prototyping software has basic presets resembling wireframes for rapid development of early mocks.

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I was admin for a fortune 500 company corporate Google Analytics. My responsibilities were helping developers appropriately tag internal and external sites with tracking as well as specific event tracking. I worked with business teams to help them understand what to look for when using GA and how to interpret the data presented. I also generated monthly, and quarterly reports for internal site usage along with OS, device, and browser versions. I was also able to use GA data to leverage arguments between content and engagement. Surprisingly people don't like reading novels on how to vacation.


Card Sorting

The simplest way of determining categories, hierarchy, and grouping for superior information architecture.

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(this is a good example of what not to do)

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Using W3C WCAG 2.0 standards to check conformance; I have experience consulting for OEM manufacturer sites, high end retail / ecommerce, and client side insurance sites.

Section 508 Standards
Experience consulting for educational and various federally funded institutions such as MSU. 

This image is of one of the initial reports I created which successfully garnered buy in to develop a more accessible client side site. While attaining this buy-in meant sacrificing certain criteria which would mean at the end of the project we still wouldn't achieve level A compliance, it was a huge step towards becoming accessible at all.  

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Cheat Sheet

Since I was a designer and accessibility was something I did on top of all my other responsibilities I was unable to actually teach everyone else WCAG. So I made a cheatsheet for my fellow designers in an attempt to keep core concepts present in newer projects. These heuristics were chosen for their effectiveness within a corporate environment. This little poster was quite useful and got a lot of coworkers interested in the topic. Unfortunately it didn't reach much higher than my director and the director of sales. 




One of my most successful team building activities was an attribute card exercise revolving around each team members zodiac sign. I got everyones sign and printed these cards with each signs top 5 common attributes. The colors are randomized and there are some duplicates. As you can see in the image above I taped all of them onto a whiteboard and tasked everyone to identify what they thought were their own 5 cards. Afterwards I gave a description of each zodiac sign within the team, individual signs were unknown to everyone else. I then challenged everyone to match cards to each team member as a group. The last step was to identify which sign each member was which was incredibly successful even with one incorrect sign being used. To conclude the activity we spent time discussing what attributes were most present in each member and how it relates to our department. I then had everyone go around and comment on how important these attributes were to working together as a team and taking action to improve or continue working towards them. The cards also acted as great artifacts that most people posted in their cubicle reminders.


stuff i've done


stuff i've done



A three year federally-funded project to investigate and develop facilitation practices for informal learning in STEM areas. Working with partners at a science center in the Southeastern U.S., our university-based team developed and tested a “facilitation toolkit” for museum staff charged with leading online activities and discussions to foster public engagement and learning about science. We subsequently developed an interactive version of the toolkit- a web-based application that performs rhetorical analysis and visualizes results on the fly - as an assistive resource for training facilitators and aiding decision-making during facilitation sessions.

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CCED Web Audit


About the project

The University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI) contacted us to complete a design and usability study of their website. In addition to a design and usability study of their website, REI also showed interest in an online survey to get a better sense of their users. Throughout the course of this semester we have used this information to not only test the current REI website but also recommend some ways to enhance the experience of each user.

To conduct the usability of the current website, we chose Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics for Usability. These 10 principles helped us in testing the overall visibility, consistency and language of the current REI website. We each completed this test separately to ensure our answers weren’t influenced by others and more importantly to ensure we hit every point throughout the website.

For the competitive analysis, we conducted the test in a similar way. We chose five comparable websites to the REI site based mainly on functionality. Among the sites we chose were a site from the University of Wisconsin, a site from a town in Wisconsin and a site consisting of many forums among other features. After choosing five comparable sites, we individually went through and took note of things REI did better than the rest as well as things that could be improved to put REI’s website a step above.


Find Them

Find Them

Find Them! app

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About the project

For my senior prototyping class we were tasked with conceptualizing, implementing, testing, and iterating on a mobile app concept that enables a quick and efficient way to locate people on campus and beyond. 

I aimed to achieve this goal in a similar way to Apples Find My Friends app, but with additional features and greater interactivity among friends.